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Those of you that know me have heard about my first yoga class. For those of you that do not (yet), I'll spare you the nitty gritty and just say this -- it was comical, and torturous. I arrived with

In Sanskrit, bandha means to lock, to hold or to tighten. There are three main bandhas Mula Bandha Uddiyana Bandha Jalandhara Bandha Bandhas hava an effect on physical body & psychic.

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This is a Must Read Before Ever Using Turmeric Again

Turmeric is gaining in popularity and for good reason! The yellow pigment found in turmeric, which is also responsible for the majority of its medicinal properties is called “curcumin.

Better Sleep Yoga Workout

Better Sleep Yoga Workout Yoga for health, yoga for beginners, yoga poses, yoga quotes, yoga inspiration

Freek de Jonge - Naar wie gaat mijn verdriet

Freek de Jonge - Naar wie gaat mijn verdriet