madamlaydebug:    Nigerian woman

The gele (a Yoruba language term) is a pleated head wrap worn by women in West Africa. It is worn on a variety of occasions, and range in size and complexity according to the situation.

Splendid Sunbird    Taken in Millenium Park, Abuja, Nigeria

Splendid Sunbird, native in western and central Africa. Taken in Millenium Park, Abuja, Nigeria.

Basket Seller, Nigeria by Sheeju.

Basket Seller, Nigeria by Sheeju A I would love to meet this person walking down my street. people working with Basket basket

Africa | Hausa man at indigo dye pits, Kano, Nigeria. | ©Eliot Elisofon. 1959.

Hausa man at indigo dye pits, Kano, Nigeria by Eliot Elisofon 1959

Africa | A basket weaver in the market stalls at Jakande.  Nigeria | ©Lola Akinmade

Most market stalls at Jakande Market are manned by the artisan, making it easy to ask questions, haggle, or seek their interpretation of a specific piece. Here a basket weaver shows off his craft along the narrow market alley

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