the (bad)room ;-)

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an ornate black bed with pink and white pillows
Royal Fortune Montespan Bed - Black
Oh... My... God.... Thank you lauren for finding my darkest dream bed ever! Itll go great with my skulls n stars bedroom decor! ( red, black n white) perfection this is!
a bed with blue comforter and pillows in a white walled room next to a wooden floor
10 Chanel-inspired Home Decor Ideas: Anthropologie Rosette Quilt Set.
the bed is covered with a red blanket and pillows in an arch over it's headboard
Alcove beds are a fabulous concept for saving space in your home design. They are inviting and fun and creates a very intimate space to curl up and enjoy!
a bed with red sheets and pink curtains
Colors of India ~ Bohemian gypsy bedroom
a bed with lots of pillows and blankets on it's headboard, surrounded by red drapes
My inner landscape
Decadently beautiful bedroom - dreamy!
a bed with two lamps on either side of it and curtains over the headboard
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Get the Look of these All Red Rooms
a bedroom with pink walls and black curtains
the bed is made up with red sheets and drapes on it's sides