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a black and white photo of a young man with writing on the wall behind him
Canal 22 México on Twitter
two photographs with handwritten words and hands in the middle one is holding another person's hand
Magnum Photos Photographer Portfolio
Magnum Photos -
three photographs of a woman sitting on a chair in front of a potted plant
maison martin margiela, helen fillières by mark borthwick circa 1999
an old postage stamp with the image of a woman standing on a stool in blue and yellow
czechoslovakian matchbox label
an advertisement for the us open tennis tournament, featuring a man swinging a racket at a ball
Design is fine. History is mine.
a postage stamp with an image of a man on top of a large white object
russian matchbox label
russian matchbox label | by maraid
a woman holding a white circle above her head with lines coming out of the center
The Overlooked Wonders of Soviet-Era Industrial Design
an old man is standing in front of a wall with writing on it and holding a string
Juxtapoz Magazine - "Scarti" by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin
an open book with words and pictures on the front page, in black and white
The Definitive Dwiggins no. 58—Seven Famous Novels of H.G. Wells
a pink book with an image of people in the background
Misia - つつみ込むように・・・
the logo for la mer is shown in black and blue letters on a white background
Pin de Mar C_G en Over the W A L L | Pósteres vintage, Ilustración de playa, Pósteres retro