This DIY Funny Face Flip Book is simple to put together and will keep the kids creatively entertained all afternoon. Great summer kids activity.

DIY Funny Face Flip Book

This DIY Funny Face Flip Book will keep the kids creatively entertained all afternoon. Great summer boredom buster kids activity and summer kids craft.

DIY Desk Calendar

All Things Pink and Pretty: DIY Desk Calendar & Desk Mat (I want to do it with paint chips?

It's fun setting goals with this 2016 Goal Board! Easily made with Deco Art Inc!

2016 Goal Board

Maak een mozaïek bij een foto.

Vbs possible big art project. Great idea for a mosaic--Maybe copy the photo in black and white on copier, then have kids complete it by covering all black and white by looking at the original. Could use an original of Jesus.

love this silhouette! (i love that there are no full words on her--just like she is thinking and putting them together..)

End of Year Gift - Silhouette. Make these for each student. put my own words for the student inside. give as an end of the year gift to encourage and inspire student throughout the summer.


Teach the principle of design called emphasis using this scribble art effect. Students write their name in bold letters and then doodle on the page.

Schilderij van een boom gemaakt met gekleurde knopen

Button tree on canvas - now I have an idea for Great-Grandma, Grandma, and Mom's buttons! A button family tree!

Pasfoto vergroten en beschilderen #pointillisme #zelfportret #plakkaatverf 2012/2013

Pasfoto vergroten en beschilderen #pointillisme #zelfportret #plakkaatverf 2012/2013

immagin@rti: Let's SELFIE!

Kids create and draw in Apps that represent them, later expanding upon their ideas through writing. Or have students draw apps that represent a character from a story you are currently reading!

een eigen knikkerbaan maken

Sound marble run - we used a good finished pine 1 x 8 x 2 and they worked great - the nails make a nice tinkle with different size marbles - Summer Fun for kids at Grams Camp

Diersilhouet op vacht. De achtergrond (vacht) wordt geschilderd, het silhouet wordt gemaakt van zwart papier. Geschikt vanaf groep 5.

You need: white drawing sheet, tempera and brushes pictures of animal furs and side views of the corresponding animals black construc.