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Amarant Keizer

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I did NOT KNOW you could do this in Lightroom! I got this free preset and it ROCKS!

Kurt Schwitters, ca 1924 -by El Lissitzky

Senior Visual Designer needed at Purpose in New York, NY, USA

History of Aggressive Design Magazines


The Dada movement claimed to be anti-art and had a strong negative and destructive element. Rejecting all tradition, they sought complete freedom. Dada quickly spread from Zurich to other European cities. Dada artists claimed to have invented photomontage.

What's Cooking? handmade collage, changes the saying of "the moon being made of cheese", a sort of an antonym

Snowbringer Art Print

weeping words and white photography woman vintage dada-ism

gezonde havermoutkoek

Winter Warmers: Seafood and Sausage Gumbo

Winter Warmers: Seafood and Sausage #Gumbo on the #AnthroBlog #Anthropologie

How to use Backlighting for Food Photography (Click It Up a Notch)

Backlighting is one of those beautiful lighting techniques that is so easy to achieve, you’ll...