ijsjes maken van papier en wattenbollen; ruimtelijk

(X) Great Summer craft idea! Make an ice cream cone using paper, crayons, cotton balls, and markers. This was made by Clay and is his favorite: vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.


Make the ice cream balls. different tints and the bowl,spoon and heart a shade.

Leuke techniek om ijsjes mee te knutselen: scheur snippers gekleurd papier (sits of bijvoorbeeld uit een tijdschrift) en plak die op een hoorntje van bruin papier.

My Masterpiece Art partner did this Theibaud inspired project with our girls' grade class. The kids LOVED making ice cream cones!

Ice cream cone craft

{Learn thru Play} Ice Cream Cone Paper Craft Project. Make and decorate super cute paper ice cream cones. Start with construction paper and add mini pom poms, glitter, stickers, sequins or whatever else you have on hand.

ART with Mrs. A: It is hard to believe another school year has come...

A - grade cones - could add portion questions and have them find the angle measure of the cone and diameters of the scoops.

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Milkshakes maken met kleuters, thema restaurant, kleuteridee

Milkshakes maken met kleuters, thema restaurant, kleuteridee

Witte chocolademousse met frambozen - Junnekes recepten

😟 I've made this white chocolate mousse (April A total FLOP! Personally, it wasn't worth the time it took to make.