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a bulletin board with different types of events on it and notes attached to the boards
A Peek into our Short Text Unit
Two Reflective Teachers: A Peek into our Short Text Unit
a poster with instructions on how to use it for an art project, including 5 mini - lessons that teach them
14 Essential Tips for Teaching Theme in Language Arts
Five mini-lessons to teach theme. (Part of a larger article on teaching your students to identify themes in their reading.)
someone holding up a piece of paper with writing on it
Teaching Theme Using Close Reading Strategies
Using Close Reading strategies to find theme.
a yellow and black sign that says, freebie mentor text list for key reading
5 Reasons to Use Mentor Texts With Big Kids - The Teacher Next Door
Freebie from the blog post: 5 Reasons to Use Mentor Texts With Big Kids. This freebie contains six lists of suggested mentor texts for key reading concepts using literature, including inference, theme, characters, figurative language, point of view, and compare and contrast.
a bulletin board with writing on it next to a small book about children's lives
Forever in Fifth Grade
Make this colorful anchor chart when you teach the Insight into Characters unit with the book Wonder!
a bulletin board with sticky notes attached to it
Alissa Reicherter on Twitter
Theme progression
there are several different types of paper on the table with words and pictures to describe them
Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme - Teaching with a Mountain View
Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme
a piece of paper with writing on it next to a blue book and a pen
An Amazon Listing Cumulative Novel Project! - Teaching with a Mountain View
An Amazon Listing Cumulative Novel Project! Students make their own book listing for a novel they have read. They write a summary, select important quotes, write a review, and more! Meaningful, engaging, and a fabulous assessment piece. FREE assignment sheet download.
a whiteboard with writing on it and some words written in different languages, including
Turn & Talk
TURN AND TALK 5th grade teacher shares how she sets up Turn and Talk at the beginning of the year and the benefits of using turn and talk in the CIA units of study. She includes pictures of the charts from the unit Earthquake Terror (5.1)
an open book with the words, the big bad middle school classical literature list 100 classic books -&nbsphomeschooldiaries Resources and Information.
The Big, Bad Middle School Classical Literature List - 100 Classics - Grades 5-8 or Ages 9-14+
an open book with the title literature china, written in black and white on it
The Middle School Mouth
AMAZING literature circle resource! Follow the link to get it for FREE on teachers pay teachers! Love this blog!!! The Middle School Mouth
several pieces of paper with words written on them
Character [traits] is a journey, not a destination- Bill Clinton
Character traits blog post! Full of great ideas and includes a freebie!
the book cover for 100 fun, exciting and worthville historical fiction books for 4th - 6th grade
Historical Fiction BOOKS for Kids Arranged by Time Period
historical fiction - over 100 best historical fiction for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders to read
an image of the different types of ships in space shuttles and spacecrafts are shown
Things Disney taught me
Teaching theme with Disney movies --- I do not think my students would object to this.