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Coole invlecht naar donut!

Why decide between a braid and a bun when you can have both? We turned to our hair guru’s in the studio and they came up with the perfect braid into bun look! Master the sock bun and create chic and easy braid in just a few easy steps.

Poppy Delevingne combineert twee trends: dubbele dotjes én ingevlochten details. Veruit onze favoriet!

Festival Hair 2017 - Start with two small French braids from your hairline back to your crown, and then bring into individual buns. A beautiful style for second day hair with a bit more grit and texture to create effortlessly messy buns.




Ponytails are such a great go-to hairstyle. They’re quick, easy, and get all of your hair up and out of the way. In fact, I find myself wearing them way more often than I’d (Coiffure Pour L'ecole)

Mother daughter tattoos design ideas 11

Mother daughter tattoos design ideas 11