Sapins feuilletés

'tree' stick into a biscuit cube (with pre-baked skewer hole). Weigh down with marzipan/strong icing and stick to serving tray (or they could be stuck in creatively covered foam bases).


Around this time of year Pine cone decorations are very popular, fall is a beautiful time for crisp orange, red and yellow leaves falling off our trees, the full moon is glowing brightly in the

15 idei practice de a decora masa cu motive de Craciun Detaliile care fac diferenta stau si in felul cum decoram o masa festiva. In articolul de astazi vedem 15 idei practice de decoruri cu motive de Craciun

Dress up your Christmas table decorations with this easy Christmas craft. Take each table setting from bah-humbug to Ho Ho Ho Happy!