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the pixel art is designed to look like cakes and desserts
Food Kandi Pattern
Small sweets and treats chart for cross stitch, knitting, knotting, beading, weaving, pixel art, and other crafting projects.
an image of a pixellated face with green eyes and brown hair, on black background
Cute Hamburger Kandi Pattern
Cute Hamburger Perler Bead Pattern | Bead Sprites | Food Fuse Bead Patterns
two pieces of cross - stitch are laying on the floor next to each other,
Perler bead Kawaii food! So Cute! -Popsicle -Juice box
three pixelated pieces of food on a wooden table, one has an ice cream cone and the other has sushi
Kawaii food hama beads by evichuchan More
a bunch of pixelated animals are on a piece of wood
kawaii & food perler beads
several perler beads are arranged on a table
Set of 8 different fruits. Sizes of fruit vary.