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Wildren. hahahahha

Lol, I love how Arthur took one look at Merlin's freaked out look and, instead of tormenting him further, at least made an attempt at making them sound less terrifying. And calling them giant baby rats makes it less terrifying.


(Credit to Yenthe Joline) Sketch again. I’m enjoying the nice weather here in the Netherlands 😎.

Toad geeft je power omhoog

Power ups found in game will give the character extra health or make him able to take more damage. These will probably be found in the form of drinks/food or medicine.

DC Universe Online has been my favorite game for almost 5 years. DCUO is an MMO so that means it doesn't really end, after every couple of months they sell DLC which I buy to continue the story of the game. I have spent about 5 years playing this game and leveling up my superhero.

DC Universe Online has re-instilled my faith in the MMO model, which is great as upcoming games for next-gen consoles seem to be heading in the MMO direction.

Faeria on Steam

Faeria: Strategy Cardgame First I did not noticed that I play versus Saturas. He is a pretty good Faeria player and I have to say it worked out pretty good f.

Minecraft Poster & Wallpapers by Derek Brown

So i've been getting into Minecraft recently (yeah, finally, I know. Minecraft is the latest geek craze and for goo

Ontdek de kleurrijke wereld van Rayman 2 voor de Nintendo 64!

Non- Zelda related pin. but anyway, Rayman 2 was my first game, and i looove it. and now i can play it on my ipod! :DDD If you haven't played this game, it's epic!