"I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths & a great fear of shallow living" Anais Nin. I LOVE Anais Nin.

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor als je doet wat je altijd deed krijg je wat je altijd…

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. It's time step out now ♥♥ I learned this by taking a leap out of my comfort zone by going to Chile. Do it. NOW.


On day 26 of his ongoing “Better Out Than In” New York City street exhibition, Banksy went to Sunset Park and delivers an alternative New York bumper slogan, reading “The Grumpier You Are, The More Assholes You Meet.

Welke taal spreek je? | Verwonderd

Welke taal spreek je?

Welke taal spreek je? | Verwonderd