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Roy Lichtenstein - Crying Girl, 1964.
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Roy Lichtenstein
Pop Art Wonder Woman roy lichtenstein
Roy Lichtenstein 1962 - FORGET IT! FORGET ME! - Oil on magna on canvas (203 x 173 cm)
Vroeger tekende ik vaak de plaatjes zoals deze uit beeldromans na. Nostalgie...
M-Maybe, c.1965 by Roy Lichtenstein. Art print from
Pop Art of Wonder Woman by Roy Lichtenstein                                                                                                                                                                                 More
Roy Lichtenstein art • b. 1923 Oct27, d. 1997 Sep29 @73 • Am. 1960s pop artist pioneer • •
The Depression-era song "A Kiss to Build a Dream On," which Louis Armstrong made famous in the '50s, finishes with the lyrics: “Oh give me your lips for just a moment/ And my imagination will make ...