SAVED IMAGE HYB I love these solar system facts. They are mostly all numbers and could assist in making math questions and incorporating mathematical concepts in our Unit.

Super cute astronauts: lids, toilet rolls, paper and glue...

Super cute astronauts: lids, toilet rolls, paper and glue. This is in a foreign language, so don't have instructions.

Make a telescope using paper rolls. Space theme. My little boy literally did this the other day

Space Theme - Toy telescope with TP rolls. End caps with images on for viewing. And the Millenium Falcon! Or planets and have kids identify. I want to have an outerspace party!

Free Printable Picture Solar System | Free printable solar system 02 :

Solar System activities for kids: Preschool Space Coloring Pages. Going to use this for an activity where the kids have to line up planets largest to smallest.

Pre-K -. Kids cut out different colored squares. Kids write one letter on each square. Paste vertically on black paper. Paste a triangle on top and yellow star stickers or cut outs around rocket.

De aarde, zon en maan werken als magneten op elkaar. De maan trekt het water op aarde naar zich toe. Daardoor ontstaat eb. De aarde draait langzaam rond, waardoor de maan steeds een ander stuk water naar zich toetrekt. Als het water niet wordt aangetrokken door de maan wordt het vloed.

Paul explains how the Moon, and also the Sun, cause ocean tides.

Summer Curriculum week 2 space quest craft idea---Cute spaceship porthole craft w/ paper plates, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners. Could pre-make some aliens and planets for the little ones, if needed?

Versje over de maan

Versje over de maan