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- Combination Resume by

- Combination Resume by

Combine OneNote and Outlook for a Powerful Project Management System

Outlook’s tasks feature is pretty simple and basic. If you want to power up Outlook tasks with organization and room for details, integrate the awesome note-taking tool OneNote with Outlook.

DIY undersink storage! By creating vertical storage and using removable baskets, you can maximize the space and make it so much easier to keep everything organized.

Do the cabinets under your sink frequently become cluttered and messy? This DIY under sink storage solution is a great way to keep all of your supplies neat and orderly. This easy project can work in kitchens or in bathrooms and is a creative way to keep

Concepts of GTD® One Page Graphic - Brevedy

Here is a link to the PDF of the Concepts of GTD® graphic. Get our weekly Brevedy Email: Here is the graphic.