Universal Suffrage

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Photograph of Woman Suffrage Pickets. It was made in 1917 by Harris & Ewing. History, women's rights, civil liberties, freedom, suffrage. Women Rights, Women In History, World History, Ancient History, Tudor History, History Museum, Photos Du, Old Photos, Les Suffragettes

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"At Last", cover on 'The Suffragist', Saturday, June In September 1918 President Wilson endorsed the amendment granting women the right to vote. It took nine months from Wilson's endorsement until Congress passed the amendment in June Note: not all women! Us History, Women In History, American History, Les Suffragettes, Belle Epoque, Women Right To Vote, Maleficarum, Suffrage Movement, Political Cartoons


This image shows the success these women possess after they received the right to vote.This moment was possible thanks to the many strong women fought for it all they made a new time era possible for women to part take in modern liberalism.

Brave women have fought for women's equality since Our right to vote wasn't even won until and there is so much more. The history of women's rights is long and rich with brave women and important gains.and we will continue to carry the torch. Schrift Design, Right To Vote, Beth Moore, Strong Women, Fierce Women, Badass Women, Girl Power, Woman Power, In This World

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Alison Turnbull Hopkins picketing for suffrage outside the White House gates in We're grateful to the women who came before us and fought for our rights! Photos Du, Old Photos, Vintage Photos, Harlem Renaissance, Women In History, World History, Oscar Wilde, Interesting History, Feelings


20thcenturypix: “ useturnouts: “ Women picketed the White House in 1917 to try to get President Wilson to support woman suffrage. This is one of my favorite photos of the picketers. ” 1917 ”

This pro-suffrage poster from the North Carolina Museum of History& collect. This pro-suffrage poster from the North Carolina Museum of History& collection, attempted to remind men (who already had the vote) where they came from. Women In History, World History, History Images, History Museum, History Posters, Modern History, History Pics, Ancient History, Women Rights

Women's Suffrage

Dateline : May 28, 1952 – The women of Greece were given the right to vote. It is interesting to note that Filipino women gained suffrage fifteen (15) years earlier. The issue concerning women's suffrage in the Philippines was settled in a special plebiscite held on April 30, 1937, in which only men could vote. Ninety percent of voters were in favor of the measure. In compliance with the 1935 Constitution, the National Assembly passed a law which extended right of suffrage to women through…

If voting didn't change anything, we'd still have: no women's rights; no public schools; no work week; no Civil Rights Act; no Social Security; no Medicare & Medicaid; no food assistance; no minimum wage; no workers compensation; Bernie Sanders, Environmental Law, Election Day, Thats The Way, Social Justice, Public School, In This World, Just In Case, At Least


The importance of voting created many rights for the human race. Men and women could be treated equally theoretical and ensured that everyone's voice would be heard. Voting for both races was granted due to moderate ways of thinking in liberal societies.

Two manikins on display at the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum represent the White House Picket Line vigil kept daily by members of the National Woman’s Party (organizers of the March 1913 parade) starting in February 1917 University Style, University Fashion, University College, Women Suffragette, Suffrage Movement, Party Organization, Women In History, British History, Ancient History

Part I: Great strides for the "New Woman," suffrage, and fashion

On the day before Woodrow Wilson's inauguration in 1913, 5,000 women marched up Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., demanding the vote. The parade is the subject of an artifact wall display here. In addition to banners and programs, the women used their clothing to communicate their message, a topic we discussed with Alden O'Brien of the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum.

Simone de Beaviour from "The Second Sex" Classical Liberalism, Logo Word, Youre My Person, Philosophy Quotes, Sex Quotes, Intersectional Feminism, Pro Choice, Interesting Quotes, Patriarchy

This picture, or quote, is explaining how women are seen as the "Second Sex", and how men, even now feel that they are superior. The message being sent through this image is how Feminism needs to be more idealized because its not fair for women to always have to be the inferior sex. This proves that the shift from Classical Liberalism to Modern Liberalism was a good thing because women became more equal.

Women's rights are human rights. Gender Inequality, Wise People, Power To The People, Inspirational Quotes For Women, Human Rights, Women's Rights, Successful Women, Equal Rights, Women In History

In this photo Hilary Clinton is stating that women's rights are human rights. Every lady deserves the right to vote as it is a part of their rights and freedoms. This image shows the shift from classical liberalism to modern liberalism because there is more government involvement

Less than 100 years ago, women weren’t allowed to vote. As we go to the polls today, let’s take a moment to remember those who fought for universal suffrage. A Moment To Remember, In This Moment, Polls Today, Universal Suffrage, Classical Liberalism, What Is A Feminist, Right To Vote, Fight For Us, Donkeys

This image is showing that as us individuals in the modern society have the right to vote, we should take a minute to think about all those who fought to give us all the right to vote. The message of this image is universal suffrage, and how not that long ago, not every one could vote. This explains how the shift from classical liberalism to modern liberalism was a good thing because it made it possible to have universal suffrage.