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four white cartoon characters with hearts on their heads and eyes, all in the same shape
Warawara from Studi Ghibli's The Boy and the Heron
Cartoon characters that resemble small, rounded, ghost-like creatures with simple facial features. They seem joyful and animated, depicted in various poses with a playful demeanor. The characters have a charming and whimsical quality to them, and there are small hearts floating nearby, suggesting a theme of happiness or love. These characters are named Warawara, and they are from the Miyazaki film, The Boy and the Heron.
a green snake wrapped around a woman's head
a painting of a woman with pink hair and piercings on her nose, holding a candy lollipop
there are many pictures on the wall with people in them and one has a baby jesus
Paintings on the Fridge Decor
an image of different types of eyes and their features in the drawing book, which is also
Tote olhos