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an image with the words you've grown into someone who would have protected you as a child and that's the most powerful decision you made
a poem written in black and white with the words i heard someone say if we're
If someone depletes you, go no contact
I love the way they phrase this, is someone depleting you our nourishing you? If they deplete you, you don't have to be in contact with them.
a quote that reads i am so sensitive that really notice every small change in tone, conversation, lack of interest from people
a white background with the words rooting for the woman i'll be next year, i'm already proud of her
an instagram with the caption'no one cares for your success, so you have to care, you have to force yourself to get up early
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a tweet with the caption that reads, let my people go @ michicclark at some point you gota be real with yourself about the gap between the life you
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Self-Love Sunday: 20 Wholesome Self-Care Memes To Prove That Finding Love Starts From Within
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