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Adulting Tips From an Adult Who Doesn't Adult Good E Keep Two Separate Dirty Clothes Bins One for Clothes One for Towels That Way You Won't Have to Dig Out Towels From a Mountain of Clothes You Can Just Wash a Load When You Are Desperate E Anything With Pet Deodorizer in the Cleaning Label Can Be Poured Down the Sink to Kill Bad Odors Kill Gnats Try to Change Your Sheets Twice a Month Don't Beat Yourself Up if You Don't E E Start a Decent First aidOTC Pharmacy When You Have Some Money Left Over Disinfectant Aspirin Allergy Meds Etc You Never Know When a You Can't Afford a Doc Atm or B You Can't Get Yourself to Go to the Doc or C Both or D Your Idiot Friend Just Decided to Snowboard Off Your Roof This Doesn't Have to Be a Priority E at Some Point You'll Have to Buy a Thermometer Don't Buy the Cheapest One It Won't Last Past the Second Cold of the Year Get a Clock That Runs on Batteries Because Lol You Will Lose Power at Some Point on That Note if You Have Room Get Some Kind of Ice Chestcooler Because You Will Lose Power at Some Point and While Your Freezer Will Remain Nice and Cold for a Day or So Your Fridge Will Not So the Ice Chest Will Come in Handy Because You Can Always Replace the Ice but Your Milk Will Go Sour ° Also on This Note Buy a Flash Light and Slowly and Surely Never Throw Away a Candle Ever Ever Ever Unless It's Done and Then You Have My Permission the First Time You Have to Take a Shower Without Power in the Dark You'll Thank Me E Also Bic Lighters Are Cheap and Easy and Jfc You Have to Light Candles Somehow E Be on the Look Out for Cheap Blankets Fans and Space Heaters Buy Whenever Possible They Will Save Your Life E Bananas Go Bad Quick Eat Them They Are Good for You E if You Have a Car Keep the Following Things in It a Towel a Blanket a Change of Socks Some Cash a Flashlight and Some Kind of Food Like a Granola Bar if You Have an Old Cell Phone Keep It in There Too While Old Cell Phones Won't Have Service Providers Most Newer Cell Phones Still Allow You to Dial 911 Despite Not Being Connected to a Service E if You Have the Space I Have a Garage That's Too Small for My Truck So I Use That and You Have a In-Home Washerdryer Hang Clothes to Dry a Easier on Clothes So Clothes Last Longer B Less Electricity Less Money & Less Energy Usage Dryer Sheets + Rugs Getting Out Pet Hair E Dryer Sheets + Hair Gets Rid of Fly-A- Ways Scented Dryer Sheets Makes Ur Hair Smell Good Towel on a Cookie Baking Sheet Ironing Board l'Ve Also Heated Up a Skillet and Used It as an Iron in a Frantic Last Minute Freak Out E Keep Extra Toilet Paper Within Arms Reach of the Toilet Not My Usual Thing but There Is Some Important Shit in This Thing Especially for Those of Us Adults Who Don't Quite Adult Right ☜⌒▽⌒☞ | Bad Meme on ME.ME