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a painting of a skull in a wooden frame with words on the front and bottom
Lost in the Renaissance
A Vanitas Still life with a Skull Florentine School 16th Century
a painting of a woman holding a candle and skull in front of her face with other items around her
Pactum, Gianluca "Tenia" Gambino
a painting of a woman with flowers in her hair and a skull on her head
Gianluca Gambino (heartofTenia on DeviantArt) | Vanitas
A clown standing in front of a mirror at a carnival, surrounded by mushrooms. His expression is one of confusion and disbelief as he gazes at his reflection, wondering how he ended up in this peculiar predicament. The mushrooms seem to have overtaken him,and hindering his ability to move and perform his usual comedic routines. The clown is worried about the lasting effects of the mushrooms and whether he will ever be able to return to his normal self and continue entertaining the carnival goers Clown Painting, Clown Paintings, Emoji Pictures, Send In The Clowns, A Clown, The Carnival, Dark Blood
Mushroom Clown 0x03 - Swamped by Mushrooms
a painting of a woman holding her hand up to the sky with birds around her
Art and Oddities
New from @walkerbrushworks.
Colette Calascione Pop Art, Marion Peck, Magic Realism, Can Can, Art Pop, Arte Fantasy
Colette Calascione