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5 Powerful, Emotional Auditions Around The World | Got Talent Global - YouTube

Is someone cutting onions in here? Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep u.

Ford Transit 2.2tdci 280s  81kw rolstoelbus

Ford Transit 2.2tdci 280s 81kw rolstoelbus

KSM Bismark at sunset - KSM Bismark - Corazzata - Dislocamento a vuoto: 41.700 t (di cui il 40% dedicato alle corazze) a pieno carico: 50.900 t Lunghezza sulla linea di galleggiamento: 241 m complessivo: 251 m Larghezza 36 m Pescaggio standard: 8,7 m a pieno carico: 10,2 m Propulsione 3 caldaie a coppie modello Wagner, 3 assi d'elica (140.000 HP di progetto, 150.170 HP effettivi) Velocità 30.5 nodi Autonomia 17.200 km a 16 nodi Equipaggio 2.100 (103 ufficiali)

The German Bismark-class battleship Tirpitz around KimJongUnchained: “ This was originally posted over at /r/WarshipPorn This is a colorization and enhancement of this and it puts the waterline up too high. Also the ship is commonly.