Sinterklaas surprise sneeuwpop van plasic bekertjes die aan elkaar geniet zijn. Door sandra.smitjes

Fun kid project~ Snowman Made with plastic cups. The directions are in Spanish . mentions using smaller cups for the head and larger cups for the staple the cups together.

minecraft surprise sinterklaas - Google zoeken

Steve, creeper & a pig . Make a candy apple by cooking, decorating food, decorating, and printing with cardboard box and wrapping paper. Inspired by costumes & cosplay. Creation posted by Nancy.

Sinterklaas surprise: Vogelhuisjes

Dinsdag - Pinsdag Vogelhuisjes kunnen ook binnen.

recycle, reuse and repurpose a milk carton into a bird house. This would be a fun art and science project for kids!

Nintendo- Sinterklaas Gaming Surprises

Sinterklaas 2010 in Groningen & Apeldoorn met Surprises - Patries.

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