appelflappen, we this with old and new years day. It is yummie. We also put powderd sugar on it.

Appelbeignets traditionaly newyears eve food to make appleslices in cinamonflavored yeastdough deepfried eaten while warm with icing sugar dusted on top

The Dutch Table: Chocoladevla (Dutch Chocolate Custard) and more dutch recipes!

The Dutch Table: Chocoladevla (Dutch Chocolate Custard). Look for millk carton-like containers in the dairy section!

Amsterdam is de hoofdstad en, qua inwoners, grootste gemeente van Nederland. De stad, in het Amsterdams ook Mokum genoemd, ligt in de provincie Noord-Holland, aan de monding van de Amstel en aan het IJ.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Seeing pictures like this makes me want to ride a bike, but then again I feel like bike riding isn't as glamorous as it looks.