Gevulde komkommer met tonijn of kipsalade. Heerlijk, gezond en goed voor je lijn!

(luv this appetizer. You can slice the cucumber cup into small pieces to eat with the tuna or chicken.) Cucumber cups — stuff with tuna or chicken salad for a LOW CARB appetizer.

8 Budget-Friendly Meals - Forks Over Knives

8 Budget-Friendly Meals - Plant-Based Vegan Recipe

We& rounded up our favorite creative snack ideas for your eating pleasure. These recipes are also perfect as appetizers, side dishes, or light meals.

Surinaams eten!: Kip massala met aardappelen, kouseband en ei

(Surinam Kichen, Recipe in Dutch; Chicken with Hindustan curry, potatoes, yardlong bean (Vigna unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis) and egg