"Finishing a Basement on a Budget" - I would love to do this to my basement -- put down laminate "wood" floors or put epoxy on the concrete floors, paint the co…

"Finishing a Basement on a Budget"

An unfinished basement: stain the ceiling, paint the walls, put in wooden floors. The stain on the unfinished ceiling gives it a finished look.

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Fascinating Fireplaces Modern Design Room Divider Eco House Interior, love this one the right place for the fire place and the best view ever!


This cozy Dutch family home provides inspiration to build an ideal winter den. It is built with a rustic interior that consists of soft blankets, fur, raw wood beams.

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Minimalist motto is” Less is More” meaning that less furnishings in your living-room will permit more energy in the location.

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Pools are capable of make the difference in luxury projects. They can be square, rectangular or round, but they are a sign of opponency and elegance and can be included in country houses, beach houses or even rooftops. See some excelent decor ideas here: http://www.pinterest.com/homedsgnideas

Handsome Residential Gardens and Naturalistic Lap Pool, by Patrick Verbruggen…

Yes! This is what I want - warm lighting outdoors in a warm tropical weather

I love the lanterns. / Outdoor Wedding Reception with Tons of Beautiful Lanterns! Why haven't I thought of this since I've always said I love Chinese/Japanese backyard lanterns?

Coffee Table decor…then again, I have a one year old. No decor for us! Coffee Table decor…then again, I have a one year old. No decor for us!

Natural Swimming Pools taste better and they serve more than one purpose. Fun, relaxation and relief from summer heat for us. Drinking water and sustenance for all levels in a local ecology. Think of the dragonflies and frogs. How often would you use the pool throughout the year? Critters will use the water everyday. A diverse ecology keeps itself in balance which means no outbreaks of bacteria or scummy slime. It's self moderating, why mess with the system that works by itself?

Natural Swimming Ponds (NSPs) Let nature clean the water. natural pool Chemical-free water garden and swimming pool. The plant portion, or regeneration zone, is separated from the swimming area by the wall