Una corona preciosa y delicada de "huevos" hechos con cuerda! / A beautifully delicate spring wreath with eggs made out of string!

String Egg Easter Wreath

String eggs into a pretty Wreath to display on Your door for Easter! via Wine & Glue


Fill the egg - Easter Egg-A-Palooza foyer display: attach a wooden box to the back for candy collection.


Perlhyazinthen cut and set into the floral foam. Finally, open spaces with real moss (florist) and fill with pussy willow branches wreathe.

Leuk gevouwen servet voor pasen

Festive Easter Meal Decorations with Bunnies, Chickens, and Eggs : Awesome Eggs Decoration Ideas On The Diner Table Holiday Party Decor With Green Kerchief Isolated With Yellow Ribbon


Easter egg recycled wood, crocheted eggs and wool felted sheep - Adorable DIY Egg Ideas

Paarse Pasen :-)

Table decoration made of eggs so sweet & the eggs w/ little bulbs are cute gifts to send home as gifts w/ family & friends. This is for Easter. I don't eat eggs but this is a nice altar idea.

Een ei hoort erbij. #Eastern #Pasen

Åh vad thias skulle älska det här :) men vi är ju i thai denna påsk!

Pasen ,,

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