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cute and creepy!!!

thats what i want to be for halloween, a skeleton wearing a Totoro costume! F**k yeah!

silly ostrich | Silly Ostrich watercolour | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Silly Ostrich watercolour Ostrich portrait painted by Maria Moss

Pretty cool sketch. Would look cool with maybe a hint of light blues or something running through the hair like highlights.

A drawing of me as Magenta Wolf

wolf drawing | Tumblr

Odin's two wolves and raven idea mandala

A dragon is the first thing that I learned how to draw. I started drawing around seven years ago and I am still going strong, although I don't draw as often as I should. Every time I see a dragon I think of the time that my dad spent with me teaching me how to draw and it motivates me to continue drawing. I want to master all forms of drawing that I possibly can and bring it along to my work.

A dragon scetch