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Learn How to Make Bows with Scrap Ribbon
Don't throw away your leftover ribbon! Grab all your scraps and learn how to make a bow with them! You can do small and simple or big and beautiful! Watch the full video on our Youtube Channel to learn how!
an inflatable pool is sitting on top of a rug with poles sticking out of it
Pvc Pool Float Storage - Storage #28603 | Home Design Ideas
Pvc Pool Float Storage - Storage #28603 | Home Design Ideas
jars and vases with flowers in them sitting on a counter next to the words how to tin jars and bottles
How to Tint Bottles and Jars
a red paint roller in the corner of a room that is painted gray and white
How to Paint Stairs without a Ladder or Scaffolding
how to paint stairs without a ladder
make your own patio or deck oil lanterner with blue glass beads in the bowl
Make Your Own Inexpensive Patio Oil Lantern with Dollar Store Items
Learn how to make an inexpensive patio oil lantern with an lamp insert, a dollar store vase, and gems. It comes together in minutes and costs less than $10.
a white heart with pink flowers and swirls on the side, hanging from a wall
xb711 - Blossom Heart
Wish I had one of pretty
two black iron candelabra stands on top of a counter in front of a microwave
Candle Stick Hanger Tutorial
DIY sign and wreath hangers - MUST MAKE!
an old dresser painted in turquoise and brown
As soon as baby comes I plan on painting a dresser for his/ her room. Stunning before and afters on this website. Makes me realize how craigslist crap can turn into treasure with some TLC.
three white vases with silver flowers in them sitting on a counter top next to each other
Wine bottles=Christmas display - Cleverly Inspired
Bottles, white paint, and Epson salt. Must do!!
two mason jars with lace doily on them
Doily Luminaries
Doilies and mason jars with a touch of burlap! Wow! Crafts By Amanda made these and they are perfect for winter. The doilies look like snowflakes!
a glass jar filled with white glitter and candy canes on top of a table
Christmas Crafts: Winter Glitter Lantern Project
Christmas Crafts with Ball jars
many different colored tiles are arranged on the table together, with dots and flowers in them
Make your own coasters- 4×4 tiles ($.16 Home Depot); 4×4 scrapbook paper; adhere to tile with Mod Podge and let dry; Spray a coat of clear spray paint and let dry; attach felt pads to the bottom Repinned to How-To and DIY 7 days ago from fun DIY