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10 reasons why your photos aren't sharp (and how to fix them)

Getting sharp photos is one of the fundamental goals in photography. If your images aren’t as sharp as you’d like, take a look at our ten-point guide to work out where you’re going wrong and how to get it right next time.

De camera is dood, lang leve de camera - Inleiding - Achtergrond - Tweakers

I got: 8 out of 10! - Geocaching Etiquette Quiz

29 Things You Only Understand If You're A Geocacher

29 things to know about geocaching

Beginnerstips om roofvogels te fotograferen - de wereld van roofvogelfotografie

How To Find Your Lens' Sweet Spot: A Beginner's Guide to Sharper Images

How To Find Your Lens’ Sweet Spot: A Beginner’s Guide to Sharper Images

Geocaching Etiquette

Community Post: 19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers

19 Ridiculously Creative Geocache Containers: Geocaching is a game where GPS is used to play a grown-up version of hide and seek. The challenge with finding a cache is that it could be the the size of a shoebox size or the size of a tic-tac.

Vijf tips om een aquarium te fotograferen