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a sign that says single taken busy getting money
This updated relationship status:
This updated relationship status: | 21 Things You'll Only Find Funny If You Watch "Pretty Little Liars"
the words don't touch my phone are written in black ink
Do you love Pretty Little Liars? This is your wallpaper... please follow me on pinterest
a poster with the words you are mine now kisses
Jullie zijn van mij nu kusjes -A More
many different pictures with the same person in each one's face and words on them
Same for me. I don't care if you beat me and torture me as long as you don't lay a finger on anyone I care about.
some people with different expressions and words on the same page, one is saying that they are
all because of alison
a bunch of people that are drawn on to a white board with arrows pointing in different directions
Golf Swing Tips – Learn Simple Ways To Swing A Golf Club And Lower Your Score – Golf Swing Hero
Spencer has the most confusing family possible. #PLL
the cast of pretty little lies standing in front of a car with their doors open
7 Clues We Definitely Over-Analyzed In The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Poster
7 Clues We Definitely Over-Analyzed In The New 'Pretty Little Liars' Poster
two pictures, one with an image of the same person holding a knife in front of her face
pretty little liars clues
Spencer could be the twin because the person in the casket has on the same dress and bracelet!
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pll wallpapers tumblr
pll wallpapers tumblr
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania pll wallpapers tumblr
the movie poster for family, aria and hannah spencer all on
Wallpaper Lockscreen Pretty Little Liars (pll)
the words i know all your secrets are written in red ink on a glass door
This pin represents one of the many messages "A" sent the group of girls to threaten or scare them. When messages from "A" are revealed to the liars, it gives hints that make me start to get excited and curious on who "A" really is and what what the reason is behind the threat. Messages from "A" occur frequently throughout the show, and leave us as fans wanting to know more. I look forward to hearing from the mysterious "A" every episode. -Season 3
the many faces of charlie and charlotte
She goes by so many names