Make ice in the bottom of plastic bottles, looks like a flower...float in a bowl of punch. Birthdays/Showers.

Flower shaped ice cubes for punch bowl. Use the bottom portion of an empty 2 liter pop bottle to make flavored ice for your punch bowl.

Recreating childhood photos! this would make a really neat gift for parents or grandparents.... a collage of them..........Love this idea!!!!

Recreating childhood photos - hilarious gift for parents. Jess we should totally do this as a last minute gift for mom!

Een super idee!

Good idea for parents to share memories with kids. Make them an email address and give them the password on their bday

boek-nachtkastje... | het Woonschrift

boek-nachtkastje... | het Woonschrift

auto band zitplek

What a fun DIY project turning an old tire into a fun seat to hang out on! But I would make mine Seahawks blue and green for football parties!

super leuk, een schriftje waar je wat leuks in schrijft voor je zoon/dochter. Leg het op bed en hij/zij schrijft er ook weer wat in. Zo gaat het over en weer. Heel erg leuk en bijzonder!

Mommy and Me journal. Write letters back and forth, leave under pillows. very sweet idea and love the memento it would give you years down the road I did this with my mom and it is such a special keepsake! What a neat idea!