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the steps to make a cake with frosting and chocolate chips on top are shown
The BEST Homemade Cannoli Cake
This homemade Cannoli Cake is a moist layer cake with all the classic cannoli flavors you love! Ricotta and mascarpone cream fills a light cinnamon cake to create a delicious treat ideal for special occasions and the dessert table. #cannolicake #italiandesserts #italianrecipe #cannolifilling
two people are cutting into a cake with raspberries on the top and bottom
a cake with pink and white frosting on it sitting on top of a table
there are three different desserts on the table with two cups of coffee and one piece of cake
a white cake with sprinkles and a number 2 on it
Easy fluffy chocolate and yogurt birthday cakes for kids
two pieces of cake with flowers on top and one piece cut out to show the inside
four pieces of chocolate cake sitting on top of a wooden table covered in whipped cream
Canelés Yuzu Coco - Ô mon Gâteau - Clément Lhoumeau
Canelés Yuzu Coco - Ô mon Gâteau - Clément Lhoumeau
a cake in a box with the words husband on it and some scissors next to it
A classic choice, vanilla cakes are light and have a subtle vanilla flavor.
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a birthday cake with pink frosting and an umbrella decoration on the top is sitting on a table
`🍮 - @itsumi
a cupcake with pink frosting on top of a green box that says happy mother's day
there is a cake that says mom's slice with flowers on the bottom and pink, blue, yellow and green icing