A Small Contemporary Garden - Woodpecker Garden and Landscape Designs. Ideal for a small back yard

GARDEN INSPIRATION | @vtwonen | lougeplek grind op de vloer en zinken platen tegen het plafond

Like the sun coming through the plants. Maybe the south side could have something like this? Like the little table/pouf thingy.

plantenbak van stoeptegels - in allemaal verschillende vrolijke kleurtjes schilderen voor in de tuin

Clever idea: planters from pavers. have you priced large planters lately? i'm picturing a mosaic or pretty stain on could use the mosaic tiles from lowes or homedepot.

Villatuin: halfverharding split, paden beton, betonelementen rondom border

In front garden create a contemporary rectangular planter infilled with slate and surrounded by slate