Put these on lower cabinets to reduce stooping and squatting to reach things. Great for disabled or arthritic people.

25 Simple Clever Upgrades To Make Your Home Extremely Awesome

Pullouts by the stove - love . we have a pullout and love it! also have a spice cabinet above the stove that is so awesome!

When the weather's this lovely, I find myself exceedingly jealous of people who have grills and can cook outside. But I'm even more jealous of people who have kitchens like these, with doors and even walls that can be peeled back to create an entire kitchen that's gloriously open to the outdoors.

Inspiring Indoor/Outdoor Kitchens

Kitchen foldaway windows and outdoor bar seating. 31 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

ARCLINEA Italia Handle in Black Armour finish, cabinets + top.

Are you looking for pictures of kitchens with dark cabinets? In most kitchens, the cabinet fronts you choose to cover up your storage with become the very essence of the entire room. Coming just above and below eye level, and… Continue Reading →