A bunch of white gladiolas in a simple vase can bring instant life to any room.

Everyday easy flower arrangement ideas for your home. How to arrange flowers without a lot of fuss and mess.

Doe vooral je voordeel met de volgende inspiratie, waarmee je gegarandeerd zin krijgt om je kamer of je hele huis te voorzien van stylish planten.

We gathered 20 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns. Plenty of ideas to inspire you, using a variety of materials — rope, cording, leather, brass fittings.

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Plant in tiny unwanted corner. Possibility to have wall bookshelf behind

Luchtzuiverende planten

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Marianne and Kore Yoors' eclectic New York apartment, photographed by Leslie Williamson This home encapsulates everythi.

Planten in erker

I love it all: hardwood floors, leggy chairs, white walls, a tall bay window and plenty of plants.really like green plants in all white rooms!

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