Love this! Great for comparing and ordering fractions and decimals.

Finally a better use for those old clothespins that can no longer hang student work from our classroom ceilings! Use them for comparing and ordering fractions, decimals, and percents, as well as place value

Simply Second Grade

Rise and Shine Binder- interactive morning binder-use with the baseball card sorting pages and use two by two so that we can make a 6 digit number

Fraction snowman

A fraction snowman is a fun and not intimidating way to help teach fractions, which is a hard concept for students.

Students would have fun creating these fraction pizzas. From: Step Into Second Grade

The Fraction Pizza is an awesome way to differentiate when teaching fractions. Understand a fraction a/b with as a sum of fractions . Understand addition and subtraction of fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the same whole.

Tafelvierkantjes: Gooi om de beurt de twee dobbelstenen. Vermenigvuldig de twee getallen. Zoek het vierkantje met de uitkomst van de som. Zet een streep met jouw kleur op één van de zijden van het vierkantje. Heb je de laatste streep van een vierkantje gekleurd, dan mag je het hele vierkant inkleuren met jouw kleur. (

Dots & Boxes for the smart board. Students take turns connecting the dots on a grid to "capture" squares. You can play the classic game; or you can also practice addition and multiplication skills with our two other versions of the game!

Here's a nice idea for game where students roll dice to generate fractions and them draw and compare them.

game -students roll dice to generate fractions and them draw and compare them

Greater Than or Less Than Flipstrips 1

Greater Than or Less Than Flipstrips Greater Than/Less Than Flipstrips 1 are a math activity. In this activity students complete each flipstrip with a "greater than," "less than," or "equal" sign when comparing two numbers.