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the water is reflecting light on it's surface
DIANE LIKES ART - danielaportas: Fonte: 1 - photographer
a woman wearing sunglasses and a towel on her head with the words'the ghost shop'in front of her
Fashion Art Collage Graphics 54 New Ideas
a woman's face is seen through the reflection of another person's hand
Best Photography of 2014
Portretfoto, maar dan anders. Denk na over een verrassend resultaat.
a vase sitting on top of a table next to a paper with a tree drawn on it
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Perspective Art At Its Best
a large mural painted on the side of a building with two hands holding a glass
Zagreb artist Lonac​ is an artist whose works come to life on dilapidated facades, neglected pedestrian underpasses and pitiful pieces of gray concrete. He has been named for having one of the most popular summer street art murals throughout the globe. It was titled “Off you go” created at “Re:Think Sisak 2016.​” #streetart #murals #Zagrebartist #Lonac #muralist #art #artwork #allpublicart
three people climbing up the side of a brick building with their shadows on the wall
a close up view of an origami surface
Paper Sculpture
Maar dan stof
a wooden chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a white wall in an empty room
blindcontourier: Gunilla Klingberg, Swivel Chair
an image of a triangle in the water with sky and clouds behind it that is reflected in the water
Inspiring Artwork Combining Geometry & Photography
Geometric Photographs by Tyhe Reading (flipping photos around in geometric shapes)
a marble sculpture with a square in the middle
karin van ommeren
Gerelateerde afbeelding
a large hand painted on the side of a concrete block
Sign in
#Streetart#urban#grafitti Under!..... http://stores.ebay.co.uk/bewilderbugs/ https://www.facebook.com/bewilderbugspage https://twitter.com/BewilderBugs https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/108070750963268379060/108070750963268379060/posts https://www.youtube.com/user/BewilderBugs
two pictures with different shapes and sizes of wood pieces on them, one is cut in half
“Light and Shadow” by Kumi Yamashita
an image of the ocean with clouds in the background and a circular photo over it
I See Circles
Circle on the horizon #photography #art
a chandelier hanging from the side of a light pole on a street corner
It's Only Gravity!