Printable Doodle Pages

DONE 2014 ~ Educational Printables! More than 350 printables organized by topic. I printed these blank faces to be filled in and my 4 y.

Knip uit en leg de plaatjes in logische volgorde van meisje tot oma, , cut out and sequece girl life cycle free printable.

Cut out and put the pictures in a logical order from girl to grandmother, cut out and sequece girl lifecycle free printable.


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Kleur alle kledingstukken die 2 keer voorkomen / Белоснежка выстирала одежду гномов. Найти и раскрась вещи, которые встречаются дважды.  Раскрась рисунок

Use for a laundry activity - write numbers or sight words to practice a color by number/sight word game :)