Fries, Friesland.

The black stallion! The Friesian horse breed, also knows as Belgian black, is large like a draft horse, but they are graceful and lively. This breed is often used in movies and competitive sports.

Tot Ziens!, Friesland.

See you again in the Friesland province language. Friesian is a language !

Folk Costume: Costume of Fryslân or Friesland, the Netherlands. Oorijzer

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Costume of Fryslân or Friesland, land of the West Frisians, the Netherlands

Marrum friesland

still a beauty, from photographer laurens aaij white horse= black sheep

My Dutch Baking Blog: Fryske Sûkerbôle (Frisian Sugar Loaf) recipe

Fryske Sûkerbôle (Frisian Sugar Loaf) cups of flour stick of butter, pinch of salt cup of warm milk 1 tsp of dry active yeast 3 T of ginger syrup* 2 eggs 1 T of ground cinnamon cup of cubes plus 1 T,