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a man with long hair wearing a pirate hat and holding a finger to his lips
some raspberries are sitting on a black surface
Belgique: Photo
asparagus wrapped in twine and tied with string on dark background, still life
two pomegranates on a table with one cut in half
"Fresh Pomegranate On Slate In A Dark Moody Kitchen" by Stocksy Contributor "Sett"
three purple artichokes on a black background
Last chance to join - the workshop begins TODAY
tomatoes in a cup with leaves on the side and dark background, still life photograph
Tomatoes by Nguyen Thuy Duong / 500px
a red apple with water droplets on it's side and a glass next to it
Food Photography - ShirleyVPhotography
some cherries are sitting in a black bowl
Easy Dark and Moody Lighting Setup
an apple with water drops on it is shown in this close up photo, against a black background
'AN APPLE A DAY' by rakeshsyal