groepsopdracht: begin met zwarte vormen, die elkaar niet mogen raken. Maak die vormen aan elkaar vast met lijnen. Vul alle vlakken op, en ga nog eens over de lijnen met zwart

Group Mural Idea: start with black shapes - no touching - connect with lines - kids get one color - walk around and paint shapes - go over lines with black again for pop

Masques clowns pour le carnaval #masquecarnaval #masqueenfant

Cut out masks for hospital clowning to leave with children Masques clowns pour le carnaval

Printable masks by Smallful

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The majority of kids participate in some attacking in between their first and third birthdays. Most likely one of the most typical reason is that it is .

Egg carton masks - thinking of making a lot and attaching to a tree for a creepy effect. Glow paint?

Make an Egg Carton Mask