Drill holes in any plastic toy to make your own toothbrush holder

Gift idea: Dinosaur Tooth Brush holders - drill holes in any toy animal and create your custom toothbrush holder. Include toothbrush and toothpaste.

Construction Zone - Awesome round up of car and truck crafts for kids.

19 Car & Truck Crafts For Kids

Jen took her son's drawings, blew them up in Photoshop, printed them in larger sizes, TRACED THEM ONTO FABRIC, and turned them into a duvet for his bed. GENIUS! (Read this on the Young House Love blog.) I don't know a single kid who wouldn't ADORE this.

truebluemeandyou: DIY Duvet Cover with Custom Artwork. In this case a childs artwork. Love this project using fabric felt tip pens. Tutorial from A Thousand Words here.*Use cheap white sheets to make the duvetcover.

This would be cool for the kids, even as teenagers I'm sure we can find other objects to use this idea with.

Dinosaur artwork/ gold dinosaurs/ mixed media/ office space art/ plastic taxidermy/ - i've always wanted to decorate my house with spraypainted dinosaurs.

Great idea for picture of military buddies

army men chalkboard - make it a picture frame instead and that would be adorable in a little boys room! I know what to do with all the army men from Henry's birthday party!

Dinosaur Action Figure Toy Lamp... cute and simple

Dinosaur Action Figure Toy Lamp I've been seeing this concept in a couple different places, like with superheroes, and is love to do it!

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