Cookie Monster Cupcakes!! C is for Cookie...and Cupcake, that's good enough for me! Celebrate National Cupcake Day (August 20th) with a fun (or just plain delicious) cupcake; a great post blood donation treat if we ever did 'C' one. #joinarmsrace #cookiemonster #cupcakes #militaryblood

C Is For Cookie…and Cupcake, That’s Good Enough For Me! Celebrate National Cupcake Day (august With A Fun (or Just Plain Delicious) Cupcake; A Great Post Blood Donation Treat If We Ever Did ‘c’ One.

Chocolate Chip Toffee Dip for Valentine's Day ~ Easy to make and deliciously addicting!

Toffee Chocolate Chip Valentine’s Day Cheeseball oz cream cheese, softened cup unsalted butter, softened cup powdered sugar 2 Tbsp brown sugar cup mini semi-sweet chocolate morsels cup toffee bits (Heath) sprinkles)

I've made these before for my son Brandon but I like the touch of the mini forks...saw some at Walmart just yesterday'Mini Hamburger Cupcakes #chillingrillin

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I’ve Made These Before For My Son Brandon But I Like The Touch Of The Mini Forks…saw Some At Walmart Just Yesterday’mini Hamburger Cupcakes

Despicable Me 2 : Minions & Mutant Minions

Big Cake Little Cakes : Despicable Me 2 - Minions. & Mutant Minions these are so cute!

Kindertaarten gallerij | Annica's Cakes

Kindertaarten gallerij | Annica's Cakes