Apple Roll Color = FREE printable at TPT. Other pages are more complex, roll dice add one, roll two dice and sum, etc.

Free Math Journal Pages:  How Many?

These are pages that you can use for your math journals. Copy them 2 per page to save copies! The child glues the pages in the math journal. They count and write how many! There is a different page for each day of the week!

schrijf de getallen, free printable

Teach children to count with their fingers. then have them write the number of fingers that are pointing and are red.

el baskı baykuş

Love this list of 59 hand and foot print art projects for kids and me. Because I believe you are never too old to make hand/foot print art.

Soo many differentiated addition worksheets and literacy stations

First Grade Math Unit 3 Addition to 10

More ideas