Holland, MI #MittenStateHomes

Holiday—Wooden Shoe Windmill Tulips, Holland ~ Bobbi, this one is for you! I know you love tulips. Thank you for all the beautiful pins!

ice skating:netherlands - yep, used to do this over there with my cousins, with strap on skates!

ice skating:netherlands - The Dutch ice skaters rocked the olympics in Sotchi. also well known because of the "Elfstedentocht".

Dutch Chocolate Sprinkles On Bread For Breakfast...Oma made it for us whenever she came to America for a visit!

Hagelslag: A Dutch breakfast consisting of bread, butter and chocolate sprinkles. You can find the chocolate at World Market and you have to use plain white bread and real butter - it's the law! And regular sprinkles are not a substitute!

Speculaas op brood

Crushed mice and chocolate hail

Hema rookworst, Het eerste fast food in Nederland . Kochten we bij de HEMA in de Boogaard in Rijswijk.

HEMA rookworst, The first fast food ever available in The Netherlands. Still for sale @ HEMA and very tasty! (HEMA is the store that sells them)

Schermerhorn - Noord-Holland - The Netherlands

3 windmills / 7 sheep by bartek różański- Schermerhorn - Noord-Holland - The Netherlands

A frikandel (plural frikandellen) is a Dutch snack, a sort of minced-meat hot dog developed in the Netherlands either in 1954 or in 1958/1959, depending on the source.

'Frikandel-speciaal' is a Dutch snack, a sort of hot dog produced in the Netherlands either in 1954 or in depending on the source.

Poffertjes maken in poffertjespan

Poffertjes maken in de poffertjespan

oud Hollandse poffertjes - lots of childhood memories spending summers in NL

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I've been here, but not during tulip season. Tulips are my favorite flower, and I'm determined see the beautiful fields of them in the Netherlands someday!