El tejido es con dos agujas, pero las imágenes dan una buena idea para hacer un bolero con un rectángulo. Yeah, that's what I was gonna say. actually this can be done knitting, crochet, material as it is just a rectangle sewn to make sleeves!

Gratis haakpatroon voor het haken van een ledikantdeken in de wafelsteek. Met duidelijke foto instructies en uitleg.

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NEW and soon to be added to my Etsy shop.   New Baby Card.  Mini crochet bunting.

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FREE PATTERN - Crochet Hair Bow with Photo Tutorial

Created by Photo Grid. Android iPhone Just a cool tip I use when I crochet bows; make a rectangle, take a strand of the same color yarn and tie a couple of times tightly (instead of wrapping) aroun…

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Crochet over a picture frame. I loves this! I would use it for an embroidery hoop frame. Then stitch over.