Geen kleren meer op het bed of op de grond, ideaal als je weinig plek hebt..

Need a place for clothes in between wearing and ready for laundry? Inspired by a design from Laphoeff, buy two second-hand Ikea Bertil chairs and make them into dress boys.

Bestrating klassiek met waaltjes gecombineerd met strakke zwarte 60x60 tegels. Hoogte verschil opgelost sierlijke boog van antraciet blokken.

Paving classic with little Waal combined with tight black tiles. Height difference resolved graceful arc of charcoal blocks.


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two twin beds. A curtain hung from that cute heading would disguise your "bedroom" if you chose. A curtain would work above as well for either a bed or built in shelves and hanging space for your clothing; I really love the idea of deep, built-in beds

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