Herb Markers

Stone Herb Markers use a white Sharpie pen. I'm about to plant my herb garden. What a good idea.


These cork planters make for an easy fridge magnet DIY. They are simple to make and only require wine corks, magnets, some soil and succulent clippings.

Wood Pallet Herb Garden

Use an old pallet to make a vertical herb garden! Cheap, easy and beautiful! Just make sure to find out how the pallet was treated so you're not planting in harmful chemicals! And- u can write the name of the herbs on the wood!

Love the combination of silver with white flowers!

This would be great for the yard. Galvanized buckets & watering cans with all white flowers-quaint. Maybe larger water trough-style containers.

MOSQUITO REPELLING PLANTS      Here are some must have plants for your yard, garden or patio area that will naturally and ecologically act as a mosquito repellent.  Citronella  Lemon Eucalyptus  Cinnamon  Castor  Rosemary  Lemongrass  Cedar  Peppermint  Clove  Geranium  Verbena  Pennyroyal   Lavender  Basil  Thyme   Garlic

A List of Mosquito Repelling Plants

A trio of mosquito repelling potted plants (citronella, aka West Indian lemongrass, catnip, & cascading geranium). Perfect for the back porch.

// apple blossoms

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