You would see these things everywhere!..

Weepuls, little fuzzballs with sticky feet and googly eyes and usually antennae or felt accessories

rollar skate & key

Just like my old adjustable Metal Roller Skates. Remember the song, "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates, you got a brand new key"? My kids asked what the heck keys had to do with skates.

pour jouer à la récré!

Chinese Jump Rope - played this a lot on the playground in middle school

70's doll

Leonora Talking Doll by Lili Ledy Mexico - 2 This is Leonora's mini-record player, similar to Sebino's from Italy. Put a mini-record on the turnable and close it. There is a battery that powers the mini-record player.

We watched The Love Boat every Friday night before Fantasy Island

"The Love Boat soon will be making another run. The Love Boat promises something for everyone.

De briefjes in de tijd van de gulden

Dutch money before the euro called "gulden" guilder . ( so much better then the Euro :)

Bellen in de telefooncel

PTT telefooncel - Nog geen mobieltjes, can you believe it!

stamps 80s

Nederland stamps, design bij Wim Crouwel In our good old days,bevore the Euro came

ijsje van Jamin

Waffle with ice cream, vanille, strawberry and chocolate

Als je goed je best had gedaan kreeg  je een stempel.

We played school and the teacher used these as prizes, like in real life.

Dolly Dots... en ik was Angela :o))

Dolly Dots, a famous Dutch girlband from the eighties.


fashion - headbands and leg warmers. Leg warmers are not only keep warm for leg, they also become a part of Sportswear. I remember this period, many series of aerobic tranning video tape in which they worn leg warmer as the style of sport